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    ALWASEET Medical Complex

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  • was established in 2003

    ALWASEET Medical Complex

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    ALWASEET Medical Complex

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Who we are

About us

Alwasset Experience

Because Alwaseet Medical complex is a part of Al-Waseet Medical Group ,we are always supported with all the tools and advantages so we can provide the best proper medical solutions and that is done simply by daily reporting to our centre and Continuous communication.

What is


As our business grew rapidly in the market , we created WIRACU ( Alwaseet Industrial Remote Area Clinic Unit ) aiming to provide full medical service to our clients .

WIRACU is specialized in the development, implementation and delivery of comprehensive occupational health strategies so we can facilitate employer compliance with occupational health legislation and administrative requirements. such as occupational risk assessment, risk based medical surveillance, biological monitoring, the management of injuries on duty, absence management support, basic primary healthcare, and chronic disease management support. A flexible approach enables the structuring of tailor-made packages to suit the individual needs of employers.

  • Health risk assessment

    Our mission starts in the early stage of any project by conducting a health risk assessment, this by sending our team to survey the project remote area to identify all hazard categories that might harm employee’s health and in second phase design proper control measures. Part of the barriers is the remote in site clinic (RISC) that will be furnished and equipped according to the risk level of the project and the health standard of the client and Saudi ARAMCO MMSR Standard. Part of the process that WIRACU can design and recommend to its client through the following :
    1- Adjust, review and drill the location medical emergency response plan.
    2- Pro-active targeted Health education programs based on statistics and data collection from the clinics such as anti- smoking campaign and life style campaign.
    3- Set the right fitness to work protocols based on the remoteness to the project location and the health hazard inventory of the location.

  • The daily case care

    Operating, staffing, and preparation Healthcare Services in harmony with MMSR and MOH regulation . Our medical team is trained well and has the experience and skills to manage and follow up the daily case care and because WIRACU clinic are fully equipped they are always able to supply the first aid and advanced treatment to different cases and deal with both emergencies and medical treatment cases .

  • Medical supplies &equipments

    we Provide all your needs as ambulances, equipment, tools ,supplies, consumables, medications and pharmaceutical services as per ARAMCO specifications and as required .

  • Medical services

    our medical complex at Jazan provides the medical services to public and employees of our clients in Jazan area through emergency room, outpatient clinics e.g. internal medicine, cardiology, dental, pediatric, gynecology and obstetrics…..etc. also we have our radiological and laboratory services.

  • Educational services &training

    our training center is fully equipped and provides training activities e.g. health and safety courses e.g. fire safety, H2S management, BLS, First aid and ACLS .

  • Pre-hospital care

    We provide training and medical drills to employees to enable them to manage any disaster or mass causality incident .pre-employment and periodic medical examination, pulmonary function test, hearing test (audiometric), environmental health audit and inspection. Pre-work screening programs .

ALWASEET Medical Complex

Our Team

We are known throughout the industry for the high caliber of our employees and our standards of nursing. We make WMC a great company to work for, through:

- an environment in which people are empowered to develop their full potential.
- ongoing investment in staff development.
- fair representation of gender and race.
- growth opportunities, skills development and career enhancement at all levels.

Different cultures enrich the organization and diversity in the workforce is celebrated and encouraged. Our employment practices attract and encourage cultural and personal diversity regardless of race, gender or religion. We run a national diversity forum that monitors cultural issues, identifies cultural challenges and encourages understanding and sensitivity.

Our priority is to focus on the delivery of a unique and special brand of health and care to patients. In a Life Healthcare facility, supporting doctors, nurses and administrative staff all strive to optimize and enhance our patients’ experience. Our investment in development and training is designed to retain and motivate staff to ever higher standards of health delivery and provision of care.

Quality Policy

Our commitment to protect and promote the health of those affected, either directly or indirectly, by field operations in the oil and gas industry is best achieved by establishing an effective health management system that determines responsibilities, practices, procedures and resources for implementing health management, including processes to identify root causes of poor performance, prevent recurrences and drive continuous improvement.

ALWASEET Medical Complex

Our Commitment

We are fully committed to providing safe work environments for our candidates that are fully compliant with MMSR. Client sites are visited regularly by a members of the Logical Staffing Solutions to ensure the highest quality safety standards are upheld.

We are fully committed to our clients to provide workers with all required tickets, licenses and safety awareness training. Prior to any placement, all contractors undergo an Occupational Health and Safety induction covering the following topics:

- Basic principles of workplace safety
- Personal protective equipment and good housekeeping
- Manual handling procedures
- Working to prevent injuries

Candidates must achieve a satisfactory pass in order to undertake any placement

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